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Port Royal Jamaican Rum

Port Royal Jamaica Rum Product Descriptions

Port Royal Jamaica Rum Products

K.R.B. Lea Jamaica Rums Limited has been blending and bottling rums since 1992. The Port Royal line consists of:

  • > Amber: 40% alc/vol
        Blend of 4 aged and current crop marks.
  • > Silver: 40% alc/vol
        Blend of 2 current crop marks.
  • > Bronze: 40% alc/vol
        Blend of 2 aged and current crop marks
  • > Gold: 40% alc/vol
        Blend of 3 Pot and Column Still marks of rums aged from 3 to 5 years.
  • > White Overproof: 63% alc/vol
        Blend of 3 Pot and Column Still marks.
Port Royal Gold Premium aged in oak barrels, Port Royal Gold is an exceptionally smooth coloured rum with a full-bodied bouquet. The Gold will add a touch of Glass to your mixed drinks.
Port Royal Silver The Port Royal Silver is one of the lighter rums in the Port Royal Range. It is sensual, passionate and definitely youthful. Try it in a margarita, martini or cosmopolitan with a twist of lime. The mixability and versatility of this rum is sure to please.
Port Royal Amber This quality rum has a distinctive flavour that is good enough to be drunk straight. With a golden hue, Port Royal Amber is a blend of aged and current crop rum. This elegant yet rich intricate blend boosts; and its elixir-like power is guaranteed to please the most dissenting palate.
Port Royal White Overproof At 63% proof, Port Royal White is indeed the people's Rum. It's definitely not one for the fainthearted. It's strong rum for those who can appreciate it. It's perfect for a rum punch and many other mixed drinks and, if you're brave, over the rocks.

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