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Port Royal Jamaican Rum

History of KRB Lea

KRB Lea Jamaica Ltd. Has been manufacturing rum since 1992 and recently diversified by introducing its Flagship Port Royal Jamaica Rum. This current product line consist of four distinct rum offerings each with its own flavour and personality.

With proven success in its home market of Jamaica, Port Royal Rums are now being introduced to the rest of the world, so that people with discerning pallets can now indulge in these exceptional rums. Produced in unique pot stills, the Port Royal rums are made up of supplies from the world famous National Rums of Jamaica Limited.

These are the rums every aficionado should have. The processes by which they are created combine chemistry and creativity - the end result being pure perfection. Try one or all to experience the libations that embody and capture the history, spirit and character of Jamaica.

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